Rich & Poor Home | Get to Know Us
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Friends since they were three years old, Flo and Nicole have always shared an adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit. They have lived their lives by taking calculated risks, so working and investing in real estate is a natural fit. Through training and experience, the ladies have mastered the structured formula of preparing a property for sale, of which staging is a vital part. Through Rich & Poor Home Staging, Flo and Nicole want to put to practice, their knowledge and passion with their clients.


Flo and Nicole have a keen eye, to help people fall in love with the design and decor of a space. They carefully hand pick unique, Canadian made, furniture and accessories whenever possible – Supporting other Canadian businesses is very important to them.


Mentoring young women is also important for the ladies and the community. Flo and Nicole love to share their real life experiences to empower others to become financially independent.


Flo and Nicole believe Rich & Poor Home Staging represents hard work, love, passion and financial freedom. Through design, they hope to transform lives… one property at a time.